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Version 6.225.1

The following updates were made this week:

Hy-Tek Eligibility
Bug fix – If a meet has an “SLY” or “LSY” course code but the events don’t have any qualifying times set, the system now correctly lists the swimmer’s pb as the entry time.

Swim Mark Report
The qualifications and dates are now listed in the same column.

Club Events
Any members that are set as inactive are now highlighted in red.

Learn To Swim
Bug fix – When you created learn to swim lessons, the colour you selected wasn’t reflected on the calendar. Any lessons created from now on will have the correct colour on the calendar.

You can now add members to a term in bulk.

When adding members to a term in bulk, if the term has an assigned progress report, each member will be assigned that progress report if they don’t have it already.

Member Consents
You can now create your own consents and remove the built-in ones. More information here.

Club Websites
We have now defaulted all club websites to have SSL always on.

New member type option added for learn to swim – “LTS Teacher”.

Progress Reports
You can now filter by club session when adding members to a progress report.

You can now hide GoCardless invoices in the main invoices table.