Version 6.226.7

The following updates were made this week:

Attendance Report
You can now click on the “attended” number and a popup containing the attendance records for that member will appear.

Consent Groups
You can now assign a “member type” so that when you add members of that type, the consents are automatically assigned to the new member.

Club Inbox
When composing an email, the “CC” field has now been replaced by a “BCC” field so any recipients do not see their email addresses.

When creating invoices for groups, the system now includes groups that you have set a negative fee against. This is useful if you want to give members a specific discount instead of the percentage discount.

Club Sessions
The club sessions page now hides archived sessions bu default.

Club Events
Bug fix – For “Turn up and swim” type events, when you click on the globe icon for a swimmer, it now takes you to the same confirm page that is linked to when you send event emails out.

Open Meet Performance Sheet Report
If you select a date for the “age on date” option, the system will use that for the report. If you leave that blank, the system will use the “age on date” set on the club event/meet that you select instead.