Version 6.231.5

The following updates were made this week:

Event Volunteers
When you print the event volunteer sheet, the member’s ASA numbers are now included.

All calendars now have Monday as the first day.

Role Permissions
New role permission added to allow members to view the help portal links.

Email Folders
We have removed the unread email counts on email folders due to database timeout issues.

Club Details
New field added for “ASA Short Club Name” that is included in exported Hy-tek entry files.

When adding attendance by session or group, you can now see which members have specifically not given image or video consents.

Swim Mark Report
Bug fix – You can now click on the “DBS Date” and “Safeguarding Dates” columns and they will sort correctly.

New Member, Confirm & Renewal Forms
There is now help text below the “Loco parentis” field explaining what it is.