Version 6.233.3

The following updates were made this week:

Members Leaving
When you set the “Date Leaving/Left Club” field against a member, an automated task now runs and sets them to inactive on that date.

Club Events
New club event type added – Dry side training.

Bug fix – You can now search for members if you have the “View member basic details” permission.

Progress Reports
New field added for user progress reports – “Completed”.

New workflow added on progress reports for the “Completed” field.

Role Permissions
Bug fix – The “Manage Contacts” now allows you to view the contacts page under setup.

Learn To Swim
When “Moving” a swimmer between lessons, the old lessons are now removed as expected.

Incident Book
You can now send the incident to the member involved to acknowledge.

GoCardless Payments
Bug fix – The GoCardless payment now correctly marks the invoice as paid if you use the “add handling fee percentage” option.

New Member Form
New form options for “Volunteers” added.

Credit Notes
If your club adds a handling fee to all invoices, assigning an invoice to a credit note now works as expected.

Club Kit
If you have the correct permission, you can now order products on behalf of other members again.

Finance Settings
New option added so you can force club kit order invoices to be collected by direct debit.