Version 6.234.0

The following updates were made this week:

When you add an event to your “My Calendar”, you now receive notifications via a new “bell” icon in the header on the day of the event/reminder.

Recurring Invoices
You can now enter {month} and {year} in the invoice period title field and the system will replace them with the current month and year when it runs.

New field added for meet swimmers to show status, eg selected, confirmed by host, declined by host.

Credit Notes
Bug fix – If you assign a credit note to an invoice and the credit note is more than the invoice, and your club adds a handling fee percentage to invoices, the credit note created for the remainder is now the correct value.

Bug fix – The workflows on the “Swimmers” table when you “annonymise” members now run as expected.

Club Events
You can now add files to “Meeting, Social and Dry Side Training” event types.

Learn To Swim
When adding learn to swim attendance, the system now does not list inactive members.