Version 6.236.7

The following updates were made this week:

Bug fix – When adding members, the auto generated “Member ID” now increments as expected.

If you set a future date in the “Date Joined Club” field, then that member won’t appear when adding attendance until that date.

Bug fix – You can now view a member’s notifications again.

Event Attendance
The event attendance report now includes “meets” as well as club events.

New option added to meet swimmer status – “Confirmed as reserve”.

If you update a swimmer’s status and select either “Declined by host” or “Confirmed as reserve”, if that swimmer is “in the team”, they will be removed automatically.

You can now bulk update swimmer statuses.

Global Search
Bug fix – When entering an email address into the global search, it now works as expected.

You can now book assets in in bulk.

The “Certificates due for renewal” section now includes certificates where you have only set the renewal date, not the actual certificate date.

Bug fix – The attendance figures on the dashboard now only count swimmers, not coaches and volunteers. This was causing false 100% figures.

If you have the “Manage Club Groups” permission, you can now click on the groups on the dashboard.

If you have the “Manage Swim Sessions” or “View Swim Sessions” permission, you can now click on the sessions on the dashboard.

Bank Reconciliation
Bug fix: When matching a GoCardless payout on a bank statement it now does not ask you for an account code if the amounts are the same.

Member Pages
Bug fix – The visibility options now work as expected.

Club Websites
You can now opt to set a cookie warning notice for site visitors, with a link to your cookie policy.

You can now duplicate web pages.

You can now add your own content in the website footer.

You can now switch off the “featured news” section in the sidebar.

You can now switch off the “featured pages” section in the sidebar.

Date Pickers
When selecting dates, for example on member’s DOB fields, the first day of the week is now set to Monday to match the main calendars.

Non-Compliance Report
This report now only lists active members.

If you link to a club document in a web page, news item or email template (or an email you have sent out), if that document then gets replaced, if someone clicks the old download link, the system will first check to see if there is a newer version and download that instead.

Member Progress Reports
The progress reports report now has a fixed left column allowing the member’s name to always be visible.

Trial Requests
Bug fix – When you transfer a trial request to the waiting list, and also check the “archive” check box, the system now archives the trial request at the same time.

Open Meet Performance Sheet Report
The system now only lists swimming events, and lists all events not just current ones.

Club Events
The event type “Dry side training” has been renamed to “Training”.