non admin members

An introduction for non admin members

Hello and welcome to SwimClub Manager. Today, we will be going over the system from a normal member’s perspective. A member that has no admin permissions at all.

When you first log in, you will see your dashboard.

Any code of conducts and club disclaimers that you have not acknowledged will be listed at the top.

Click on the green button to acknowledge them.

Your dashboard contains various tiles, and each tile is a link to a page to view that information.

The tiles are as follows.


Click this tile to view any emails the club has sent you in the past 30 days. Below your email notifications is your club documents. Click on the folders and files to view them.


This page lists your calendar that contains your training sessions, and the club calendar below that.


This page lists the events you are participating in, and events you’ve been invited to participate in.

Click the view past events button at the top to view older events.

In the events you’ve been invited to section, if you click on the event name, you will see the event details and it will allow you to select events to swim in, or, say whether or not you can attend.

Your finances

This page lists all the invoices your club has sent to you. At the top of the page, if your club has setup the direct debit integration, you will be able to create a direct debit so that future invoices can be collected from your bank account automatically.

Below this are your invoices. Green ones have been paid, grey ones have not.

Click on the invoice number to view it, and if your club has setup credit card payments, and you do not have an active direct debit mandate, you will see an option to pay the invoice via credit or debit card.

Click on the “pay with card” button to pay for this invoice now via credit or debit card.

Below your invoices are any credit notes your club has created for you. Click on the number to view the details.

Club shop

If your club has setup the club shop, this page lists all of the products. Click on a catagory to view the products. Click on a product to view it.

To order this product, select the quantity and enter any specific instructions if applicable. Then click the “Add to cart” button.

Click the link at the top, then click the checkout button. Click the “Create Order” button an the system will create your order and create an associated invoice automatically.

Your swimming

This page lists various information regarding your swimming, such as your groups, fees, sessions, attendance, progress reports and awards.

At the very bottom you can search the system for your swim times as well.

Your role

This page lists various information regarding your role at the club.

Your details

This page lists all of your personal details, such as address, contact numbers, emergency contacts and medical history.

Below your personal details are any code of conducts that you have acknowledged.

Club feed

On the right is your club feed. Click on any images, videos or documents to view them.


On the left is the navigation menu. It is broken down into the following sections.

This takes you back to your dashboard page.

This section has links to the following pages:

Club kit
This is the same page as the page you go to when you click the club shop tile on your dashboard.

Discussion forums
If your club has setup discussion forums, they will be listed here. Click on the “View forum” button to view that specific forum. You will then see all of the forum topics.

Click the “Add topic” button to create a new one, or click a topic to view one.

When viewing a topic, to add a post to it, click on the “Add post” button. To receive an email when someone posts in the topic, click the “Subscribe topic” button. Click it again to unsubscribe.

This lists your club documents and they are the same documents as listed on the page when you click on the “Communications” dashboard tile.

This page is similar to the page you see when you click on the events dashboard tile.

Member pages
If your club uses member pages, you will see them here. Click on a page title to view it.

If your club uses the noticeboard, messages will be listed here. You may also see your noticeboard items on your dashboard, if your club has set that option.

Who’s who
This page lists the club who’s who members.

This section lists your club kit orders.

This section has links to the following pages:

Best swim times
Use this report to view your swim times in the system.

Fastest club relay times
Use this report to view the club’s fastest relay times.

Fastest club swim times
Use this report to view the club records.